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HelloTalent is a Job MatchMaking Platform, designed for the Early Childhood Sector to find the perfect Educator.

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Take the guesswork, time and cost out of finding your ideal Educator by using HelloTalent’s purpose-built MatchMaking features. Let us find your next superstar without you having to wade through endless, unsuitable candidates. We’ve got you covered.

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Finding relief staff or new Educators is a massive headache (to put it politely). This we know, which is why we created HelloTalent, your recruitment automation assistant. Let us do the MatchMaking and remove all the time-consuming hassle, while you focus on the things that matter most.

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It doesn’t get more streamlined than that.

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Bring your resume to life and set your preferences to be matched to jobs that fulfil your employment goals and aspirations. HelloTalent’s intelligent MatchMaking features will filter your profile to match you with prospective employers that fit. You will be automatically placed in the TalentPool of any matching positions, skipping the queue and putting your resume in front of the right people. Be discovered, get hired, love your job – it's that simple.

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HelloTalent explainer video for business looking for new talent to fill educator jobs

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Watch our Explainer Video to find out how HelloTalent take the guesswork, time and cost out of finding your ideal Educator.

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  • Jane. S

    Jane. S Centre Director

    I discovered the ideal team member within 5 minutes.

  • Will. H

    Will. H Area Manager

    HelloTalent has saved my managers and myself a few hours every week.

  • Nicola W.

    Nicola W. Centre Coordinator

    Love this, especially the pre-employment features are great.