Educator Intro Video

Benefits of adding an Intro Video to your TalentProfile

These videos appear on a Premium Virtual TalentProfile or can be added separately. They are a great way for TalentSeekers to get an instant idea of what you are all about.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, we would counter that a video is even better. What better way to show your star quality and award-winning personality?

Talent are able to record a short introductory video of themselves for TalentSeekers to peruse. Don’t worry, you can do as many takes as you like.

Simple & Quick: 

Giving a minute of your time to record or watch a video is a whole lot quicker than an interview. 


It's natural to be a little nervous but an Intro Video brings a TalentProfile to life.


It's easy to see what makes some Talent special, especially when compared side-by-side.

Beats a Cover Letter: 

A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the value of a whole recorded minute!

Tips on how to create a awesome one minute intro video for your resume

Video Profile Tips

Watch this short video to grab some helpful hints on nailing the 1-minute Intro Video to stand out from the crowd.