Learning & Development Module

Benefits of using MicroCredentials and MicroLearning

Short & Sharp: 

Content is delivered in short bite sized format, making it easy to digest, whenever you have a spare moment. 

Quality Content: 

The content is provided by leading educational providers and uploaded for your benefit. 

Cost Effective: 

Get access to world class content for a fraction of the price. Included free as part of our Premium Subscriptions. 

Flexibile & Fun: 

Content can be accessed on any device at any time. Plus we have broken it down into short sessions making learning FUN!

HelloTalent believes we should never stop learning and to build a stronger and capable sector. Investing in our self development is fundamental. So we have partered with some of Australia's leading RTO's and Training Providers to bring a wide range of content, in a platform easy to use and at a price worth investing. 

Content that is offered covers:

- Programming; Leadership; Communication; Regulations; Health and Safety; Mental Health and so much more. 

Thanks to our parnters at Go1 and Yarno for providing a platform perfect for our industry. 


MicroCredentials are great for taking a topic and allowing you to absorb and retain the knowledge and be able to put it to practice straight away. MicroCredentials are mini-qualifications that help demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and/or experience in a given skill set or capability.

Food Safety and Child Protection are two required and popular MicroCredentials that we offer as part of our Premium Subscription 


MicroLearning is simply bite-sized training tool. MicroLearning is focused and offers just the right amount of information necessary to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable skill set. This makes MicroLearning in teh early learning sector especially valuable as we are able to deliver 1-5min lessons and cover all the small things that make a big difference. 

Go1 platform the best choice for learning and development

More about Go1

HelloTalent has partnered with Go1, to delvier all the professional development, micro credetials and training you could need. Covering tropics from the caring to leadership and everything inbetween.