Qualification Verification

Benefits of having your qualifications checked

Fast, Official Results: 

Order checks online with fast turnarounds.

Smart Protection: 

Verify any qualification to make confident hiring decisions.

Global coverage: 

Check qualifications from institutions around the world.

Payment Options: 

Candidate or Company can pay for check to be completed.

Qualification check and verification for childcare vocational certificates

Falsified certifications and qualifications are unfortunately something we all need to be aware of. They can compromise a TalentSeeker's service and create an unfair playing field for Talent who have done the right thing.

Validating qualifications is a critical part of a recruitment or application process to ensure that everyone meets job requirements and compliance standards. It's a win-win for genuine Talent and TalentSeekers.

HelloTalent has partnered with WorkPro to offer fast and simple qualification checks so Talent can have their qualifications verified ahead of time and give themselves an edge over their competitors and TalentSeekers know their candidates are the real deal.

Get verification from the click of your mouse and HelloTalent will do the rest of the heavy lifting. 

Local and International Qualification checks can be carried out from as little as $59 per qualification.