Reference Checks

Benefits of having Reference Checks

Fast, Official Results:

Order checks online with fast turnarounds.


We ask whatever you need us to.

Smart Protection:

Verify any Qualification to make confident hiring decisions.

Cost Effective: 

Allow us to do the heavy lifting to save you time and money. 

HelloTalent reference check for previous employment history

We all know it's important to have References checked but it can be difficult to get this done in a timely manner.

Our online Reference Check tool prevents you from having to chase down Referees, collate references and cross your fingers with the hope those references are legit. 

Partnering up with Referoo, we are able to provide the option of collecting your references via SMS, email or phone, so you can choose how you'd best like to contact the Referee.  Another vital step in the pre-employment process completed without any hassle and with a lot more confidence.

Reference Checks can be carried at from as little as $59 for three References.