Talent FAQ

The questions we get asked most from our Talent

What does HelloTalent do?

Well… in a nutshell… HelloTalent matches you with roles that suit what you’ve told us you’re looking for. You create a TalentProfile, then we use smart algorithm-driven software to match your experience, qualifications and desired criteria with Employers looking for someone just like you. No more endless job applications and cover letters, no more sitting in huge piles of resumes. We cherry pick you if you’re right for the role and your potential employer will take it from there.

What makes HelloTalent different?

With us you create one TalentProfile once instead of reapplying over and over again. Our Employers have access to a shortlisted TalentPool based on their search criteria and if you’re right, you end up in there for them to review. We don’t control you like a Labour Hire company; we don’t take a cut for each placement; we just want to help match the right people with the right job.

How much does HelloTalent cost?

Here’s the good bit – our standard subscription is FREE! You can sign up, create your TalentProfile and start getting noticed straight away.

We have some Premium subscriptions and Additional Features with more bells and whistles as well which you’re welcome to check out.

How do I sign up?

It’s pretty simple actually. Click on the ‘Get my Talent Discovered’ or ‘Get Discovered’ buttons around the site and click through to start creating your TalentProfile. Once that’s done, you will start appearing in TalentSeeker searches and might be shortlisted into a TalentPool.

What is a TalentPool?

A TalentPool is where the top candidates for any given role are shortlisted for review by the TalentSeeker or potential employer. If we think it’s a match, that’s where you’ll be. Don’t worry, we let you know when you land in a TalentPool so you can hopefully be ready for contact with your potential new employer.

It is up to the Employer at that stage so whether you hear from them, get offered a shift or invited to a next stage interview is completely up to them.

What if I get a job straight away through HelloTalent?

Well, that is PERFECT! And a big congrats to you. Like we said, we are here to help. Once you have a job or don’t need any more shifts, simply select ‘Unavailable’ on your Profile to no longer appear in any searches or TalentPools.

Why do the Background Checks?

The recruitment process can be long-winded for Employers and Employees alike. We offer you the option of getting your Background Checks done before you interview to streamline the process and fast track your start date at your new job. It also makes a great first impression in a TalentPool when an Employer can see you’re confident in your Experience, References and Qualifications.

What happens if I’ not available for work?

Easy! Simply select ‘Unavailable’ on your TalentProfile. Job done.

What if I don’t feel comfortable doing a video?

We get it. It’s a little nerve-wracking sometimes getting in front of a camera but try to pretend you’re just FaceTiming or adding to your Insta story.

You can do as many takes as you like; it isn’t live; and we want you to really WOW your employer with how well you present in person. Try to channel your most confident self and remember to smile. You’ve got this!

Looking for Talent FAQ

The questions that come up most from our TalentSeekers

What does HelloTalent do?

HelloTalent is a smart, algorithm-driven platform that quickly and easily matches your role with the best possible Educator. You tell us what you’re looking for and we do the rest – saving you time, money and from sifting through 100’s of unsuitable resumes. You get a TalentPool of shortlisted candidates, all expertly matched to your specifications, then you take it from there with us here to support you along the way.

What makes HelloTalent different?

Where to begin? For starters, we match you to Educators that have the attributes, qualities and availability that you have specified in your job search. You won’t get hit with “I don’t work Tuesdays” or “I don’t have that Certification” because they don’t appear in your TalentPool. You make the final call and because we are not a recruitment agency, it’s one flat cost for as many searches and hires as you need. We are simply here to help you build your dream team quickly and efficiently.

How much does HelloTalent cost?

Your first 7-days are on us, so you can experience the difference and benefits firsthand.

After those 7-days are complete, we have a monthly subscription fee that varies based on the best plan for you. We also have some Additional Features at very reasonable prices to help you further streamline the selection process. It’s all laid out very clearly over on our Pricing Page. No hidden fees or add-on costs.

How do I sign up?

Easy! We know you don’t have time to be wasted. Simply click on the ‘Discover new Talent’ buttons around the site to sign up. One of our HelloTalent team members will promptly be in touch to set up your profile so you can start the MatchMaking process.

What if we only need to use HelloTalent as a one off?

Totally fine. We mean it when we say we are just here to help.

Once you’ve found who you are looking for you can request to cancel your subscription but… we think you will find so much benefit in other features and relief pool management that we hope you’ll hang around

Can we add our Relief Pool Team to HelloTalent?

Absolutely! 100%. What a great way to manage the comings, goings, availability and qualifications of all relief staff in one central place. You can also communicate directly with candidates through HelloTalent if you need them at a moment’s notice. Simply get your Relief Pool team to sign up for free and add them to your Favourites to find them quickly and easily. They can control their availability on their TalentProfile to save you ringing around to fill a shift.

What if we employ someone through HelloTalent?

Well that… in a nutshell… is what we are here for. We hope they are the perfect fit for your team and more importantly, your families and children in your care. We are not Labour Hire, we have no rights over any of our candidates so when you find the right Match you hire them with NO EXTRA COSTS. You only pay for your subscription, just the one flat fee. But do us a favour and look after them. We take building happy teams seriously.

Can we use the Additional Features and MicroLearning for current staff?

Yes, yes and yes. We actually couldn’t encourage this more. It’s a great way to better understand your current team and their dynamics via the Aptitude and Personality Profiling features. This will also help you make a better choice when making your next hire. You can also have Qualifications and References professionally verified and have them engage in MicroLearning around key topics in the Early Childhood Sector. It’s all there.