TalentTip #4

Your quick introduction to MicroLearning


Well, hello there Talent & TalentSeekers!

I'm Ian and welcome to another TalentTips. Today we are going to discover what MicroLearning is all about and how it can benefit you.

As always, a small disclaimer, I haven't got any formal HR qualifications. However, my passion for people and my knowledge come directly from the school of life. I'm hoping that some of the things I've learnt, seen, tried, experienced and heard of, can help you.

So, let’s start learning!

To kick things off, I came across this analogy explaining MicroLearning, which I think is excellent.

You are feeling hungry, but it isn't lunchtime yet, so you need something to snack on, something that's easy to eat and at the same time fills the spot, just like an apple. Well, MicroLearning is just like that apple, it fills the spot, is an easy to digest learning snack, and satisfies that craving for knowledge.

Here's another one that probably sounds very familiar. You attended a full workshop last week about setting up meaningful environments, but you can only remember a few things from it, despite being fully engaged throughout the whole workshop. It was simply too much new information for your brain to handle.

It's OK, it's expected, and the main reason is that you haven't had time to try out the things you learnt.  The reality is, 90% of what we learn in traditional learning is forgotten within a year and only 15% get to apply what they’ve learned.

Plus, time and attention are becoming more challenging to maintain as our dynamic, but attention-span challenged, Millennials take over our workforce. Something had to change, and this is where the innovative learning strategies of microlearning evolved. It’s a smarter way to help our employees retain learning and accelerate time to proficiency.

How does it work you ask?

Well, MicroLearning focuses on one learning objective, delivering a digestible amount of information in short, sharp modules that can be immediately applied at the time of need. These brief training modules can be taken one at a time or, in bursts.

So, instead of attending a 3 to 8-hour workshop or seminar, with MicroLearning, you would cover the same content, but it is broken down into one tiny topic at a time.

With the help of MicroLearning, you can easily apply the knowledge you’ve just gained on your very next shift, and if it works, you simply bank that knowledge as part of your new practice and move on to the next topic. This way, you perform and add value to your service and yourself without being overwhelmed.

Imagine, being able to learn something on your lunchbreak and then immediately put it into practice that afternoon! That knowledge will immediately be transferred into the part of your brain that holds to embedded learning and information for long-term retention; and you can go about your day as an even better Educator.

The research says that MicroLearning can improve performance by as much as 62%. So, you can see how we make lives better one lesson at a time.

HelloTalent has partnered with a worldwide leading platform to help offer you not only early childhood content but a range of self and professional development modules. These exciting opportunities are offered to all our Premium partners, at a fraction of the traditional cost to attend a workshop yourself.

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