TalentTip #5

Finding your Professional Spirit Animal

Just for a little bit of fun, read on to find out what your Professional Spirit Animal is according to your work style and how you operate in the workplace. Gaining insight and self-awareness around this is helpful when considering your next career move.

The team we join when we start a new role become our work family, so making sure you have a clear understanding of your part in it, can be very helpful in achieving harmonious work environments.

The Ant

You work super hard, almost exhaustively for half the year or seasonally and then enjoy the spoils for the rest of your time. You have two gears: full speed or in park. You work well in a group situation to meet common goals when required but are very strong on your own as well. You can carry a great load and take on large projects without even a second’s hesitation. You sometimes feel small but have a good bite and you typically feel stronger as part of a team.

The Bee

Holiday? What holiday? You love to work; it defines who you are, and you have no problem with continuing the grind to ensure you meet those goals. You are a seriously loyal employee and think of your colleagues as your extended family. You work well in a group or team but can be very autonomous. Confrontation is horrendous to you; it often feels like you might perish as a result, but your sting can remain when pushed to that point, so you need to tread carefully and avoid for your own health.

The Shark

Team? No thanks. You’re a hunter, a lone wolf… or ummm… shark who can smell blood in the water a mile off. You dislike weakness and have been accused of perhaps not being a team player in the past. You are brutal in negotiation and move in for the kill without warning. You’re ambitious and very successful at what you do. You don’t like slowing down and prefer to just keep swimming. You eat smaller sharks for breakfast and make people nervous on approach.

The Lion

Yawn. You don’t enjoy the heat so when the going gets hot, you get going. You also don’t enjoy high pressure situations or anarchy (although you can handle them when required) preferring to be more measured in your approach. You stake out all possible options and wait for the perfect time to strike. You work well in teams but can hunt solo when required. You are detail orientated, often using all available tactics and skills to achieve your goals. Your work week is scattered with periods of intense work energy and rest. It’s a good daily balance as you find it easy to switch off from work when required.

The Dog

Loyal and hardworking, the dog is always ready to work and never really signs off completely. You can rest when the boss does, and only when the boss does. Otherwise, you’re by their side and ready to go. You’d do anything for an authority figure but sometimes don’t enjoy being in the trenches with your peers. You want to be the favourite. Your work week is typically balanced unless the boss has a project planned, then all things you love will go on hold. You respond well to simple praise or reward but sometimes might need more than what peers or bosses are willing to provide on a day-to-day basis.

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