TalentTip #6

Eight great lunchbreak life hacks

We’ve all done it. Gone on our lunchbreak, got out our smart phone and before you know it, the hour has flown by and you’ve never even come up for air. Wait… did you eat your lunch? Did anyone say anything to you? You’d never know.

Now, there’s no judgment here because we all live in the same reality, right? But… there is a better way to lunch. Ways that will leave you reinvigorated, more organised and feeling connected in “this one wild and precious life” (to quote Sarah Wilson).

Wellbeing and health are crucial for Talent and TalentSeekers alike in order to be successful, productive and fulfilled. Our goal is to create happier workplaces, and this is just one more piece of the puzzle as we work to do that.

Here, our on-staff Certified Holistic Health Coach shares her top TalentTips on some lunchtime life hacks to help you live and give your best.


Phone down and chew

We know… it’s controversial and feels unnatural but we’re going to ask you to put your phone away while you eat. We suggest trying mindful eating away from a screen where you focus on your chewing.

Research suggests you should chew your food an average of 32-40 times per mouthful. Yep, that’s a lot. This assists with better digestion and helps your stomach and brain make that all important ‘I’m full’ signal much clearer.

Breathing deeply and focusing on the nourishment that your food is providing are also great steps towards mindful eating.


Let your mind wander

Try sitting quietly and allowing your mind to wander wherever it wants to go. Give it the freedom and space to do so.

If you have time, journal your thoughts afterwards and try to think of three things you’re grateful for that have happened to you today. Gratitude goes a long way to genuine happiness.


Meditate and stretch

Try a yoga or meditation App to guide you through a quick stretch and/or breathwork to revitalise your brain and body. For those of you working with children, it can be very overstimulating and overwhelming mentally.

Allowing yourself time to reset and gently guide your brain and body into relaxation is very beneficial for you and those in your care.


Plan and organise healthy meals

Lunchbreaks can be a great time to do a quick meal plan and food shop to help you feel organised.

Click and collect orders can sometimes even be made for the same day, so why not take this time to think ahead about a healthy dinner or what you’ll make for tomorrow’s lunch.

Plan your meals, make a shopping list and order the ingredients. There are many Apps available to assist you with this and some even connect to supermarket shopping lists to make the planning and purchasing even easier.

This can also be a great way to budget your meals as you can organise search results by price for the best option.


Engage in MicroLearning

MicroLearning is all the rage currently for personal and professional development.

These bite-sized modules help you to upskill using a fast and friendly mode of learning.  You can literally learn something new and then put it into practice after lunch. Now that’s a power lunch for the modern ages.


Listen to something inspiring

For the Auditory Learners amongst us, why not listen to an inspirational podcast, Ted Talk or Audio Book that will fill your heart and your cup?

Tailoring the topic to something you are truly passionate about makes it almost spiritual practice. Taking a slow walk in the sunshine (where appropriate) is also a lovely way to unwind and listen.


Have a chat

Try having a real conversation with a colleague.

If you need help getting started, suggest your team put their phones away and have a ‘question of the day’ to chat to your colleagues about over lunch.

It can be a great teambuilding exercise and a simple way to find new connection with a team member that you may not have had much in common with before.


Manifest those goals

For the visual among us, make a vision board on Pinterest of all the goals and aspirations in your life. Feel connected to your goals and engage in learning around the areas you feel you need in order to achieve them.

By visually representing your goals and referring back to them regularly you are far more likely to see success in those areas. Open yourself to possibility and positivity.

We hope you have found these hacks useful. Our Holistic Health Coach is always available to answer any questions you may have and shares regularly on our social media channels, so be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook using the buttons just below.